About Us

Indekor Define Decoration is to provide a single largest platform to bridge the gap between Manufacture, Traders, Suppliers and Architects, Interior Designer, Turnkey Contractors including end users too.

Basically we are creating huge database of manufacturers,traders and suppliers and will registered them on single platform of Indekor Define Decoration.

Manufacturers,Traders and Suppliers will display respective stocks along with maximum retail price along with offer price our outsourcing executives, 

Indekor Define Decoration team will take Photographs of such Products and will upload this products on Company's Website. 

Buyers will purchase such products online from e commerce website of Indekor. We will have a team of professional consultants to support projects large scale to source specified by architects and interior designers.

This Platform is owned by Mr. Anupam Nagpal... Vaibhav Seth and Seema Verma... with their experience of more than two decades in Similar Industry.

Our endless efforts.....end of your 
                                         effortless project !