1. Indekor decided… sell products eligible or not.. Our web store

2. After Seller Registration … 2 working days indekor verify your company and products ( Ma be  call or vist)

3. After verification seller eligible to use selleradmin…and sell the products

4. All sell / Purchase details …send by SMS or Email ( Also Customer Details)

5. GST Registration Number will be must.

6. Indekor 16% add seller every products on actual price

GST will be added in last eg. Cost- 500 + GST 18% or any other %


Delivery charges added based on Quantity of products…if customer select same products in 2 or more quantity.. then delivery charges will be added 2 or more times… So, indekor seller will be requested minimum price will be add delivery charges on products cost

8. All Responsibility like Deliver Time, Products Packing, Products Safety and Quality of  products in seller side.

9. Indekor cannot be paying any other charges on seller (Like: Delivery / Packing…etc.)

10. Indekor cannot be responsible for any Damage/Return claims. Seller are responsible for all  Damage or Return products..and they are sortout the problem in a week

11. If customers are claims seller products are damage/defective.So seller responsibility returns   the products and provides new products with in a 1 week…

If not possible to return / replace the products (for anyreason)…in that case indekor cannot be paid any amount for seller and defective products price deposited customer a/c in 10 days

12. In our web store “Cash on Delivery’’ cannot be available

14. All transection will be paid in online. Any type of cash transaction not allowed

13. Delivery is successful without any claims amount will be deposited in 10 days in your seller bank accounts.




1. After sell your products indekor inform by SMS or Email

2. After seller receive SMS/Emails..get ready to products packing

3. Indekor send email 2 bills (1 bill  put inside the pack and 2 bill pasted on top up the pack)

4. Customer Courier Address will be mention in your sanded bills. Also Customer Courier Address send by SMS or Email…Seller only use Indekor generated bills. Seller cannot be  use any other bills

5. After indekor send bill all seller responsibility to send products for customers. Seller maintaining the timing of delivers customer products within 5 to 6 days… Hardly!!

6. Seller send all courier slips in this address :

    WhatsApp No. –  +91-11-9773687570

    Email :

7. After tracking the shipment and receive the products properly…then within 10 days indekor deducts the 16% on your bill  amount and rest balance amount deposit your bank a/c.

After sell seller generate the bill on Indekor… (Deduct 16% and send Original Price)

*GST will be added in
last eg. Cost- 500 + Shipping -50= 550+add GST 18% or any other %


Indekor Seller Information


1. After Registration indekor provide permeation in 2-3 days (after Verification) to use the seller account for your created own Id-Password

2. Add and manage all products, Quantity, products specifications, prices..etc

3. Products Pictures should be upload in best quality that resolution not more than 1080 x 750 pixel

4. All Products stock is should be properly maintained. If products are not available …….select the “Out of Stock” option

5. After Indekor provide seller admin on any seller and seller cannot be uploaded any products in 2-3 weeks indekor disable your seller account. After seller reopening your account contact


seller support center – +91-11-9871109137 or

mail us :

6. If seller products sell and products are not available for any reason. In that case Indekor black listed your company and permanently disable your account strictly. So seller All Products stock is should be
properly maintained

7. Indekor fully authorized to see seller all products quality, Uploaded products, Products Specification and other things..Indekor see any problems they are rejected seller particular items


Bulk Ordering Process


1. In Bulk Order Indekor collect all the information in customer side like Quantity, Timing , Specifications..etc

2. After collect the information Indekor send the massage by SMS, email or call (If required) to the seller. After this process seller get proper quotation by

email : or call us +91-11-9871109137

3. Bulk order % may be very, they will be decided bycustomer quantity

4. Bulk order delivery timing decided by seller

5. After all completion done Indekor customer will be satisfying in all criteria.. in that case Indekor show your products in INDEKOR-BULK section and customer purchase these products.

6.  After customer purchase bulk quantity products Indekor pay 25% advance in seller account and 25% deposit in dispatch day. Customer properly receiving the products and do not
claims any damages and others Indekor deposit 50% balance in 2-3 days your seller accounts


Indekor Promotions Information


1. Indekor cannot be added any promotional charges for sellers

2. If seller interested products and brands shown in Indekor adds that will be chargeable

3. Promotional charges depend upon:

     i)  Number of add Campion

     ii)  Still or Video add Campion

     iii)  Position of add Champion like top / middle and bottom row of Website or App

     iv) Timing of add Champion


 Any inquiry for Indekor  Promotions Service call us : +91-11-9871109137 or mail us :



Indekor always look after your Seller/Venders Products Quality, Site Maintenance, Service Quality, Timing responsibility behaviour and more.. If any irresponsible behaviour shown in that indekor take action and seller can be responsible for these time. So if you are register in Indekor Seller/ Venders read very carefully our Terms & Conditions and maintaining your profile & services.


Our Policy : Deliver best quality products in short time….